1. Guidebooks

All guidebooks come with elaborate visuals and simple structure to help your child pick up and master science.

Contents in the Guidebook:
1. Science Notes
2. Notes on Common Misconception
3. Keyword Suggestions

Misconception Notes
to help your child clarify any misunderstanding and to prevent such common mistakes during the exam, while Keyword Suggestions highlights important science keywords needed for open-ended questions.

Our Offerings:
1) P3 and P4 Guidebook
2) P5 and P6 Guidebook

2. Concept Recall Worksheets

In order to reinforce the science concept of each topic, we have the:
1) Science Concept Recall Worksheets that allows your child to practice recalling all the important science concepts and keywords, starting from the basics to the advanced.

3. Answering Techniques

Our Best Seller!
Keys to answer open-ended questions (OEQ) tactfully and skillfully.  Our Answering Techniques Guidebook highlights all the question types with the answering templates provided to guide your child.

This allows you to make sure your child has the right approach while answering OEQ and doesn't get penalised unknowingly.

4. 7 Days Online Mastery Course

 Unlock your child's potential with Thinker Learning's 7-day online science course!

As the founder of Thinker Learning, I've designed this course specifically for students from P3 to P6, covering all the topics they learn in school.

With bite-sized lessons, your child can easily revise anytime and anywhere.

The lesson plan includes highlighting the keywords for each science topic, sharing proven techniques to tackle open-ended questions using CER and providing a standard answering template for different question types.

Give your child the gift of learning today with my comprehensive and personalized online course! 

Past Exam Paper Video Guide

One of the most effective and straightforward ways to see improvement in your child's science grading is for him to go through past exam paper from those top schools.

While going through each and every question, I will elaborate on the science concept needed for each correct answer so to help your child understand better. As for OEQs, I will be emphasizing the answering techniques whenever possible so your child will be familiar with how to use the answering techniques along with science KEYWORDS during the exams to score!